quick update

My computer died. It went out with a Bang. Well, more or less – it was coughing and ailing for a while and we decided to bite and order a new one. That was on Wednesday. On Friday, my old computer bit the dust and I was all weekend long stuck on my REALLY ancient laptop. Good thing at least the Pet Battles worked on it, everything else wasn’t possible.

We’re not yet sure if we can save the data from the old hard disk. It would be a shame, really, since all my screenshots and photos and a couple of documents are on it, but oh well. I’ll have to set up all my add-ons and interface new anyways. Which isn’t really such a bad thing, because it makes you re-think your set up.

Speaking about Pet Battles. I was seriously bitten by the Pet Battle bug. I made it my goal to climb up to the top of my server. I’m first Hordie at the moment on Kil’Jaeden – EU according to WoW Progress and I’m clawing my way further up the ladder through those Alliance Players. Mwahaha!

Real Life has been – well, trialing, to say the least – thus my absence in blogging.

Our raiding team is coming along nicely – we’ve cleared Heart of Fear (though I’m personally still missing the Endboss Kill) and we’ve started on the Terrace. Can I just say here that hunters are awesome? We’re three (!) hunters on the team, which means we’re rotating most of the time, but we’re the bomb whenever all three of us are in the raid.

I’m still Beast Master and loving it. I used to be SV in Cataclysm, but ever since the changes I’m not really satisfied with it. I’m getting along better with BM. My fellow hunter Haerry is still playing SV and at trash and whenever bombing is required he totally beats me (of course…). But at Boss fights I’m getting closer to him. He’s an exceptional good player and he really understands what he’s doing and likes to crunch numbers. (whereas I just go “Huh?!” when he’s trying to explain all those mathematics to me). I certainly hope that I’ll get a liiiiittle bit better with my new and shiny computer.

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