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quick update

My computer died. It went out with a Bang. Well, more or less – it was coughing and ailing for a while and we decided to bite and order a new one. That was on Wednesday. On Friday, my old computer bit the dust and I was all weekend long stuck on my REALLY ancient laptop. Good thing at least the Pet Battles worked on it, everything else wasn’t possible.

We’re not yet sure if we can save the data from the old hard disk. It would be a shame, really, since all my screenshots and photos and a couple of documents are on it, but oh well. I’ll have to set up all my add-ons and interface new anyways. Which isn’t really such a bad thing, because it makes you re-think your set up.

Speaking about Pet Battles. I was seriously bitten by the Pet Battle bug. I made it my goal to climb up to the top of my server. I’m first Hordie at the moment on Kil’Jaeden – EU according to WoW Progress and I’m clawing my way further up the ladder through those Alliance Players. Mwahaha!

Real Life has been – well, trialing, to say the least – thus my absence in blogging.

Our raiding team is coming along nicely – we’ve cleared Heart of Fear (though I’m personally still missing the Endboss Kill) and we’ve started on the Terrace. Can I just say here that hunters are awesome? We’re three (!) hunters on the team, which means we’re rotating most of the time, but we’re the bomb whenever all three of us are in the raid.

I’m still Beast Master and loving it. I used to be SV in Cataclysm, but ever since the changes I’m not really satisfied with it. I’m getting along better with BM. My fellow hunter Haerry is still playing SV and at trash and whenever bombing is required he totally beats me (of course…). But at Boss fights I’m getting closer to him. He’s an exceptional good player and he really understands what he’s doing and likes to crunch numbers. (whereas I just go “Huh?!” when he’s trying to explain all those mathematics to me). I certainly hope that I’ll get a liiiiittle bit better with my new and shiny computer.


The woes of not blogging…

So I meant to blog about a gazillion of topics for the longest time. I took loads of fantastic screenshots in WoW and pictures of yummy food, I made notes in my head and still… I never got around to actually really write about any of those topics I came up with! And this since October and it’s the 31st December today! Woah… Ok, so here’s a mumble-jumble list of random thoughts:

In Cooking and Food News:

I made some awesome Pumpkin Soup; I even took pictures and wrote up the recipe. I only have to bring the two together and post them! Will definitely do so, Pumpkin Soup is just too good not to share.

I totally have to FINALLY share the recipe for mustard chicken. It quickly became a standard meal in our house because it’s pretty easy and quick to prepare and tastes fantastic!

I also wanted to introduce you to a traditional festive meal in Switzerland called Fondue Chinoise. We’ll have it for New Year’s Eve and I will totally try and take some pictures!

Tea. Tea is awesome. I love Tea. And we’ve indulged in a Special-T Tea machine from Nestlé. It’s pure luxury and probably a bit decadent – but OMG we love it!

In WoW News:

I’m raiding regularily and hey, we’re pretty good at it! I do hate the Heart of Fear with a passion, though. I really do. I even had some crying and swearing fits because of those pixels. Silly bugs in there…

I just recently got my fifth character to level 90 and also got the Double Agent achievement. That’s Tanyankâ (Huntress), Seely (Shadow Priestess), Blackmorgana (Rogue) and Credendo (Druid) on Horde Side and Kytara (Mage) on Alliance side.

I love Blizzards’ Story Telling. It’s so beautiful. I even came to like Anduin. He ain’t dead, right? He will come back and help us kick Garrosh’s behind?

I started to play a little Panda Monk named Shuilong. That means Water Dragon. I got the name from a list of possible Baby Panda names at the San Diego Zoo. 🙂

I love looking for treasures in Pandaria. It helps with the levelling, too!

There are incredible fun items in Pandaria to be found. For example mermaid shells.

Catching every single pet available in all of Azeroth will be a real challenge and I’m sure I’ll need a LOT of patience for it. It helps though to have both Horde and Alliance characters at my fingertips – makes taming some of the pets so much easier. 🙂

The guys at the Ogrimmar Fight Club pack a real punch. Ouch!

And just to give you a pretty picture as well:

Loh-Ki tells you the story of Alani

Loh-Ki tells you the story of Alani

This is Loh-Ki. He may be found a bit hidden up in the walls that surround the Valley of the Eternal Blossom. He tells you the story of Alani, the Dragon that flies around the Valley, where you need the sky shards to attack in order to get Alani as a mount. I love those loving details, those hidden treasures in the game.

Everyone – Happy New Year 2013. Let there be more interesting Blog entries more regularily. 🙂

More plants, flowers and what to cook with them

Remember when I was talking about our little jungle with the mysterious plants a while ago?

Well, they grew and grew and I was even able to identify some more!

Borage – pretty blue flowers!

vibrant nasturtium flower

brilliant cornflower

The Nasturtium is one of the herbs I was able to identify easily since the pretty round leaves are very distinctive. I also knew that the flowers of the nasturtium and the borage can be eaten. So I googled a bit what I can do with it and went to the bedroom flower bed to harvest some herbs.

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Would you?

I’ve been thinking about the impact a simple computer game can have on a life, in particular my life. 

I’ve recently started a new job (well… it’s been over three months now, so not as recently anymore…) and during the job hunt beforehand and the various interviews, whenever I was asked about my hobbies I never ever mentioned that I was a gamer. I said that I liked to read and watching movies, that I had two cats that get a lot of my attention and that I love to cook and bake. In short – stuff that is socially legitimate. These hobbies are all true, too, but my biggest hobby – computer and sometimes console gaming – was totally off the record.


Because to an HR person, playing computer games doesn’t look good and it might threaten your getting the job. 

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The Tale of Anka and Aidan or How WoW has changed my life

As seen on Razers Facebook Site

Once upon a time there was a girl, let’s call her Anka. She was a dreamer, reading fantastic books and watching movies that told stories about fantastic worlds, heroes and adventures. But she often felt lonely and yearned for love. Her mother urged her she needed to go out more often, be more outgoing and be more active and participate in social events. Her dreaming would never get her a prince and grant her a presentable life. She would have to change everything she was in order to fit in. Anka hated to be in crowds. She hated most of the music in discos, she hated the excessive drinking. Yet she made herself go there again and again because that’s what was expected. She lived in a world where looks were everything and one needed to be slim and pretty to be accepted. She was very unhappy because she would never fit into such a world or be happy there, no matter how hard she tried.  Continue reading →

The Beautiful Mystery of Plants

When we moved into this apartment last October there were two things I really loved about it: The huge balcony and the built-in flower bed in front of the bedroom window (we’re on the third floor). So when spring came, we weeded everything out and were contemplating what to plant in front of the bedroom. It only gets direct sun in the evening, so we weren’t sure what herbs would grow well there. We’re only just learning about gardening and plants and are pretty much playing it by ear.

So we went to the store, looked at the variety of seeds and figured something to surprise us would be really cool. So we got two packets of mixed seeds. It said on the packaging that there would grow various plants with edible flowers. Awesome, I though, pretty and edible! And all I had to do was dump the seeds into the earth and water them.

They grew. We have an amazing little jungle in front of our bedroom window.

There’s just one thing – we have no idea whatsoever what is growing there. *laughs* Continue reading →

Vanilla-Lemon Lemonade

Today I’ll only share a recipe that I’ve found on another blog. It’s a Swiss Foodblog  run by the writers of a popular cooking magazine. The Blog is called Das Trüffelschwein, roughly translated it means The Truffle Pig. 🙂

In any case, pictures are from the above mentioned Blog, recipe translated for your benefit by me. (and commented, too). Also, here you may find the link to the original recipe.


  • 3 organic lemons
  • 1 Vanilla Bean
  • 80g sugar
  • 1 litre sparkling water (I used 1,5 litres)
  • ice cubes (optional)

Thinly peel the zest off the lemons. Squeeze the juice from all three lemons. Cut the vanilla pod lenghthwise and scrape out the insides. Place everything in a large pitcher or bowl and mix in the sugar. Add the sparkling water, stir, cover with foil and let sit in the fridge for about one hour.

Pour through a fine sieve and serve with ice.

They also advice that this works with oranges, too, and that one should not place the drink in a bottle, because the bottle may explode because of fermentation. Well, since I drink it right away anyways, I did place it in one of my trusty PET bottles. But I guess you shouldn’t let it stand for too long. There, I gave the warning. 🙂

This drink is my absolute new favourite. The Vanilla gives it just a bit of decadence and the combination with the lemons works beautifully.

Besides… After preparing the drink my hands smelled like vanilla and lemons for a whole day and that’s a real nice perfume! 🙂



20 Days of WoW – Day 20: If this was your last day playing WoW, what would you do?

Ooomph…. I have no idea…. I guess I would cash everything in and then give away all my gold. Maybe I would make it an event. People would have to tell me jokes, dance for me or tell me stories to receive some of it.

… but really, last day playing WoW? C’mon, I see myself still playing WoW when I’m 75 years old and rocking several alts with level 285! 😀

And that’s a wrap! The  20 Days of WoW are over. 🙂

20 Days of WoW – Day 19: In your bags/bank

I’m Swiss. I did my apprenticeship in a bank. There’s such a thing as the bank secret.

Just kidding. I try to keep my bags as empty as possible for my extended farming sessions. I got buff-food, flasks, elixiers and bandages. My fishing pole and hat. Skinning knife. Some leather.

In my bank, there’s usually a stock of various crafting stuff. Some old equipment and items with sentimental value. Archaeology items.

Pretty boring, really.

20 Days of WoW – Day 18: Your favourite outfit

Jeans, T-Shirt and Sneakers.

Oh – you meant in-game? 😀

Hmmm… tough one… I don’t think I have one. I’m pretty fond of Tanyankas current Lady in Red look. But that may change as I come across other awesome stuff.

Fav outfits are pretty much spur of the moment for me.