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More plants, flowers and what to cook with them

Remember when I was talking about our little jungle with the mysterious plants a while ago?

Well, they grew and grew and I was even able to identify some more!

Borage – pretty blue flowers!

vibrant nasturtium flower

brilliant cornflower

The Nasturtium is one of the herbs I was able to identify easily since the pretty round leaves are very distinctive. I also knew that the flowers of the nasturtium and the borage can be eaten. So I googled a bit what I can do with it and went to the bedroom flower bed to harvest some herbs.

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The Beautiful Mystery of Plants

When we moved into this apartment last October there were two things I really loved about it: The huge balcony and the built-in flower bed in front of the bedroom window (we’re on the third floor). So when spring came, we weeded everything out and were contemplating what to plant in front of the bedroom. It only gets direct sun in the evening, so we weren’t sure what herbs would grow well there. We’re only just learning about gardening and plants and are pretty much playing it by ear.

So we went to the store, looked at the variety of seeds and figured something to surprise us would be really cool. So we got two packets of mixed seeds. It said on the packaging that there would grow various plants with edible flowers. Awesome, I though, pretty and edible! And all I had to do was dump the seeds into the earth and water them.

They grew. We have an amazing little jungle in front of our bedroom window.

There’s just one thing – we have no idea whatsoever what is growing there. *laughs* Continue reading →

20 Days of WoW – Day 17: Your favourite spot (in game or outside it)

Oh dear, I couldn’t tell you which was my favourite spot in game… Really, I can’t. Mostly, the game for me is about the sum of it all and I can’t decide on a specific spot.

Outside the game, one of my favourite spots is the couch. It’s huge and lilac and has lots of cushions and blankets on it. It’s perfect to cuddle up for watching a movie, reading a book and most of the time it comes with purring, cuddly kitties. Or a lightly snoring boyfriend. ;-)))

Our balcony is quickly becoming a favourite spot. Planting herbs and making it green and a relaxing space to be is awesome.

The kitchen – not because it’s so modern and awesome (it’s not…), but because that’s where we cook amazing meals together and it’s a place where life happens.

Switzerland – because I had to move away from it to fully realize that it’s my home and it’s beautiful and this is where I want to be.

San Diego – because a part of my heart is still there and yearning for it. The beauty of La Jolla Cove. The drive up the mountains and to Julian to eat the best apple pie ever…

Enough babbling. This world has too many favourite places to count. 🙂