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I’m still here! *waves*

Sorry for the lack in posting, but work was really crazy those past two weeks. Then there was of course the MoP Pre-Patch that kept me busy and blogging was kind of forgotten for a while. 🙂

Lots of people are talking about Mists of Pandaria right now, but I won’t go into detail myself. Let’s just say I’m thrilled! I was really looking forward to the Pre-Patch and you know what the best thing is in my opinion? Not the account wide achievements, though they are cool. Not the the sharing of mounts and pets across all characters, though this is nifty, too. But what really thrilled me was the AoE looting. I LOVE it! I sometimes go on this farming sprees where I just like to bomb stuff away and the AoE looting is simply AWESOME! And yeah, that way I ended up getting the Black Tabby in about 20.000 kills…. teehee…

I was also lucky enough to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit last week (this screenshot was made with the add-on Multishot. Isn’t that nifty? It even gives a timestamp!):

It was really tough but lots of fun also. Basically it’s a DPS race and running a lot from the Ghosthealer to the battle site and keep on fighting. As a hunter, it’s a bit easier. I love my feign death button… teehee. I didn’t get the bunny pet, but that’s ok. It was all about the experience and the fun of it.

After there was a tiny bit of guild drama a couple of weeks ago, all is well now. We’re doing a lot of achievement runs together and we’re wiping lots trying our hands on Heroic modes in Bastion of Twilight or Blackwing Descent. But it’s ok and we have lots of fun doing so.

I’m very giddy for Mists of Pandaria to finally hit. A couple of years ago Buffed , which is like WoWhead, but in German, did a special about gaming and food and that there are other alternatives than just pizza and coke.

This blog ain’t called Panem et Circenses for nothing. 🙂 I plan to share our Mists of Pandaria foods during the next  couple of days. I won’t kid you, the MoP release week won’t be the healthiest food-wise; but we can throw in some veggies and even remotely healthy choices.

So stay tuned! 🙂


A girl can never have enough dragons

Last Weekend was a good one in WoW. I got two new Mounts, yippie!!! 

But from the beginning. On Saturday we started out with ICC 10 achievement run for the dragon. In fact, I was only missing 3 (!) achievements. We did most of it on heroic and thus I got one of the three missing cheesemints – Sindragosa on heroic. We were in there with only 6 peeps and it was not easy! We died a lot, but still it was extremely satisfying to re-visit the old content and working together on the achievements. 

Unfortunately, one player had to leave and so we ended up 5-manning the Lich King and didn’t get the last achievement. But then, we somehow understood it wrong and gave the Lich King 30 stacks of the buff and not ourselves. 8) Ah well, we’ll be back… 

After ICC we went for Sartharion 3D 25. What can I say – I got the dragon!!! Wheeeeee!!!! Pretty blue dragon that matches my outfit! (good gracious – Mogging makes me a fashion victim! *gasp*)


On Sunday we worked on the Cataclysm Dungeon Achievements. Again, I was only missing three or four achievements and we did it! I think three of us were able to finish it up and got a new dragon with pink spikes. I think it looks pink. Aidan contradicts that and says it’s red. I still think it’s pink. It’s a girly dragon. (That reminds me… need to get a pink outfit to match that dragon… mwhahaha).


Mounts and Dragons really are the handbags of WoW, aren’t they? A girl can never have enough! (oh gosh – I should’ve never started to work for a fashion company… *grins*)

An exciting week in WoW

Last week in WoW was very exciting on various levels. I had the week off of work and took full advantage of the extra gaming time. 

At first it looked like there would be guild drama. Let me elaborate on this. The Horde Guild “Elimination of Error” exists since a long time. I was in there before I became Alliance and went back to it when I went Horde again. There are a couple of RL friends of my boyfriend in there and I know some people personally as well. A lot of the members of the guild are from the same area in Germany and know each other in RL, too. However, the guild was basically split in two groups, also raiding-wise. In addition, the guildmaster hasn’t been playing in ages and he wouldn’t give up the lead. He would log on every two months or so and thus the automatic handing over of the guild was not happening. This situation is obviously very unfortunate. Our second in command who basically took over the guildlead was not able to clean out the guild or re-organize. Now the other group of people left the guild and they formed their own guild. Which is understandable, in a way, but it also left me rather unnerved. I did not want to go out there and find a new home, having only just left my Alliance guild to be Horde again and play with the boyfriend.

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A small update

After my melt down yesterday I’m a lot calmer today. Also thanks to some very good conversations. I had time to think and reflect.

Of course I don’t want the other person to stop playing and stop farming achievements. She has every right to do so and to play as she pleases.

I think I located the reason why I was so upset. She could have asked me to trudge along. She knows exactly how much I love achievements. She could have written a short private message on the forums for example and asked me to come along for the ride. If she’d have more points than me then, I think it wouldn’t have bothered me.

I tried to organize regular achievement runs a while ago and it didn’t work out. I created a poll for which day suited people best, I created sign-ups… it worked for a week or two and then people wouldn’t show or not sign up etc. It didn’t work out.

It’s frustrating the hell out of me – I’m one measly achievement short of my Ulduar dragon. I’m only two achievements short of the ICC one. I’m missing just Nefarian for Blackwing Descent. I’m missing only the Conclave of the four winds for the Vortex raid (the name escapes me just now…). You see where I’m going.

What I do not want is cause guild drama. I’m always one who wants to prevent it and mediate if need be – but right now I feel like I’m a potential reason for drama and this shall not happen.

I’m not yet calm enough to confront or face her. I need an additional day or two to gather myself. But at least I’m not going to eat anyones face off or spit venom anymore. 😉

Something interesting Seph said: The game is designed to bring out the worst in people. I’ve never looked at it that way. I guess up until now I tended to see it through my pink glasses, maybe I only wanted to see the good. After all, it’s an escape in a way, isn’t it? Yes, I’m naive. Where there’s light, there is shadow as well.

Jealousy in WoW

I was contemplating for a while wether I should blog about this. But it’s something that is really bothering me and caused a minor break-down this morning. This will be a quite personal post.

Jealousy is one of my flaws. I know it and I admit it. My ambitions are rather on the unhealthy side which has a lot to do with my upbringing (as in “if you are The Best, The Smartest, The Slimmest, The Prettiest – whatever, you name it – you are loved more”). I’m mentioning this to show how deeply these feelings are rooted and that – eventhough I got a lot better about it – could never quite shake them off.

What does this have to do with WoW you ask?


I’ve been playing WoW for a couple of years now. Due to my natural curiosity I discovered a lot and could usually help my guildies out with my knowledge or tell a story or anecdote or show them some hidden gems around the game. However, one day another girl joined our guild who quickly became the person to ask for anything you wanted to know about the game. It was ok at the time, she spent way more time in the game than I was able to and naturally knew more.

I was still the achievement hunter, I was really good at that. I knew all about achievements, I loved to farm them – especially the trickier ones. I was achievement-girl, that was my place, that’s what I was good at. During raids I was no longer way up there with the Top-DPS like I used to; because you know, I had to step down from raiding due to RL. But it was ok. I did ok, not extraordinary so, but I was fine.

I was still achievement-girl. But it slowed down, because there were less and less achievements I could go about by myself. Everything I missed were Raiding or PVP achievements. About the raiding or even the dungeon ones there wasn’t much I could do about – I needed a group for that or even a full raid, but RL prevented that for me. I even took up PVP – I hate PVP, but I did it in small doses and would stop when it started to make me agressive. But hey, I got one or the other Achievement that way.

Today I saw that said girl overtook me by far with the achievements.

Yes, I cried bitterly – because it felt as if my place, my right to be and who I am in the guild was taken away from me. Who am I now? I’m nothing special, I don’t know as much, I don’t play as good as she does. I feel so devastated that I begin to be and think unfair and mean. In one corner of my mind I know that I’m being ridiculous. After all, it’s just a game, a hobby. She’s well loved in the guild and I’m so incredibly jealous, because now she is everything that I once used to be.

Where does this leave me? The bitter, old Hunter sitting in the corner of the pub, drinking too much Dwarven Beer and talking about better days?

I’m really quite devastated and this is why I write this – because it helps me soothe my mind. For a moment I even thought that now I can give the game up completely. I’m no use at it anyways. And the guild doesn’t need me either, they have her. (Yes, I know, ridiculous thoughts… )

I’m not quite sure how to proceed. I even don’t know how to face her. Because right now, I can’t do it gracefully. I’m the worst loser there is.


When your RL schedule interferes with your WoW-Life

 Warning: this will be a whiney post today. You’ve been warned.

 I recently started a new job that requires me to start very early. I’m a person that needs relatively lots of sleep to be able to function, so obviously, my RL schedule interferes with my gaming schedule. Unfortunately, I’m usually way too knackered to play in the evenings, let alone raid. That bothers me greatly, because I LOVE to raid and I would love to be part of my guilds progress. But as it is, I simply can’t.  

My inner clock is so messed up by now, that even on the weekends I wake up at silly o’clock and am not able to go back to sleep. Therefore, I’m often online very early, but then offline again to take a nap. Sometimes I make it online in the evenings on the weekend, but very often not.  

Due to this situation, I’m barely able to spend time with my guildmates and do something with them, because they are usually online when I’m sleeping. This whole situation makes me extremely sad. I’m an officer in my guild and I would love to contribute more and be a part of the raiding, but my current situation simply won’t allow it. I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on all the fun and what’s even more: on achievements. Yes, I love achievements. I’m #1 in my guild as far as achievement points go. It’s stupid, I know – but I feel like this is my last straw, at least with the achievements I’m something special, something I’m good at and the thought that someone might overtake me there is really bothering me.

(yeah, slap me already, I know I earn it for thinking such nonsense…)  

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel, though. I applied for a new job, one that fits me better and apparently they really liked me. This week – hopefully – the decision will be made. Flexible working hours, how I miss thee! I know a lot of you guys are already crossing your fingers for me – thank you so much! I will keep you posted on what’s happening on the job-front.  

I can’t be the only one out there juggling RL and WoW – how do you handle it? What are your tricks?