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The Tale of Anka and Aidan or How WoW has changed my life

As seen on Razers Facebook Site

Once upon a time there was a girl, let’s call her Anka. She was a dreamer, reading fantastic books and watching movies that told stories about fantastic worlds, heroes and adventures. But she often felt lonely and yearned for love. Her mother urged her she needed to go out more often, be more outgoing and be more active and participate in social events. Her dreaming would never get her a prince and grant her a presentable life. She would have to change everything she was in order to fit in. Anka hated to be in crowds. She hated most of the music in discos, she hated the excessive drinking. Yet she made herself go there again and again because that’s what was expected. She lived in a world where looks were everything and one needed to be slim and pretty to be accepted. She was very unhappy because she would never fit into such a world or be happy there, no matter how hard she tried.  Continue reading →