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Random Hints for Pet Battles

Tanyanka vs. Flowing Pandaren Spirit

I wrote a quick and dirty Pet Battle guide for my guildies. They were wondering how I managed to level such a huge army of Battle Pets in such a short time. (I made it to server rank 5 according to WoWProgress, but my pursuers are hot on my heels.)

The answer is simple: Preparation, research, trial and error.  🙂

The guide for my guildies is in German, I will have to translate it first in order to share it with you guys. It’s not a from-scratch-guide, but explains which Teams I use to defeat the daily quests for the Pandaria Tamers in order to power level my other pets.

But let’s start with some random hints and tips:

  • The hardest part is to level your first team of three to level 25. This step needs some persistence. Start to battle all Mastertamers as they come along, it will give your team an EP boost and is an important step on the way to receive your Safari Hat.
  • Talking about the Safari Hat: You want it. Really. It gives your Pets 10% more EP as you level them. You get the hat for the achievement …. Stuck on 39 Tamers? No worries – log onto your Other-Faction-Alt, pick up the Tamer Quest in either Stormwind or Ogrimmar, log back to your Main and complete the quest. Done and all your characters will receive the Safari Hat in the mail.
  • As you roam the various zones, catch every blue quality pet that crosses your way. Only use blue quality pets in your team and don’t bother to level anything below blue quality.
  • Use your battle stones to upgrade either extremely rare pets (like Minfernal or as it’s called in german: Höllchen; which is usually heavily camped. Catch any quality you can get if the pet is rare, you can always upgrade it) or pets that only come in green quality (like the JC pets, Jade Owl or Sapphire Cub).
  • Add-Ons: Pet Battle Teams is extremely useful. Not only does it let you save your teams, but also the skills that are needed for the respective fight. Battle Pet Count is nice to have, too.
  • Go farm the old Raid Pets in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ 40 and Naxramas. MC can easily be done alone, for the others it’s good to have a friend helping. And you definitely want a Frost DK to help you with Viscidus in AQ. Really. The raid pets are tradeable, so you could also buy them at the Auction House or trade with your guildies.
  • Once your first team has reached level 25, build a leveling team. Mine currently consists of Chrominius, Effervescent Glowfly and whichever pet I choose to level. If you are doing Pet Battles in Pandaria, it can get a bit tricky. Your low level pet will have to execute one action. This also means, that it will have to survive the first action of your opponent. This might require some luck and some tries, but it does work. One Pet Battle in Pandaria will catapult a level 1 pet to level 5 or 6.
  • I don’t recommend to bring a level 1 pet to power level with a daily quest. It can die too easily from attacks that hit the whole team.
  • I also don’t recommend to bring a level 24 pet to a daily quest. Personally, I think those EP are wasted and could be used better to level a lower pet.

Details to each Pandaria Tamer will follow. Until then, have fun leveling your team!


I’m still here! *waves*

Sorry for the lack in posting, but work was really crazy those past two weeks. Then there was of course the MoP Pre-Patch that kept me busy and blogging was kind of forgotten for a while. 🙂

Lots of people are talking about Mists of Pandaria right now, but I won’t go into detail myself. Let’s just say I’m thrilled! I was really looking forward to the Pre-Patch and you know what the best thing is in my opinion? Not the account wide achievements, though they are cool. Not the the sharing of mounts and pets across all characters, though this is nifty, too. But what really thrilled me was the AoE looting. I LOVE it! I sometimes go on this farming sprees where I just like to bomb stuff away and the AoE looting is simply AWESOME! And yeah, that way I ended up getting the Black Tabby in about 20.000 kills…. teehee…

I was also lucky enough to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit last week (this screenshot was made with the add-on Multishot. Isn’t that nifty? It even gives a timestamp!):

It was really tough but lots of fun also. Basically it’s a DPS race and running a lot from the Ghosthealer to the battle site and keep on fighting. As a hunter, it’s a bit easier. I love my feign death button… teehee. I didn’t get the bunny pet, but that’s ok. It was all about the experience and the fun of it.

After there was a tiny bit of guild drama a couple of weeks ago, all is well now. We’re doing a lot of achievement runs together and we’re wiping lots trying our hands on Heroic modes in Bastion of Twilight or Blackwing Descent. But it’s ok and we have lots of fun doing so.

I’m very giddy for Mists of Pandaria to finally hit. A couple of years ago Buffed , which is like WoWhead, but in German, did a special about gaming and food and that there are other alternatives than just pizza and coke.

This blog ain’t called Panem et Circenses for nothing. 🙂 I plan to share our Mists of Pandaria foods during the next  couple of days. I won’t kid you, the MoP release week won’t be the healthiest food-wise; but we can throw in some veggies and even remotely healthy choices.

So stay tuned! 🙂

Battlechickens‘ August challenge: I’m a Collector

seen on the facebook fanpage of Razer

seen on the facebook fanpage of Razer

It was only recently that I came across Battlechickens Blog. I saw her July challenge “Something About You” at Arsenic and Old Mooncloth  my old guildmate Moraith’ Blog. I’ve just written my little “Tale of Anka and Aidan” at the time and decided to leave a note about it. I didn’t properly link to Battlechicken then and still I got quite a few new readers.

*wave* Hi! So nice of you all to drop by!

This time I do it the proper way. Title, links and all.

Battlechickens’ August Challenge: I’m a Collector

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An exciting week in WoW

Last week in WoW was very exciting on various levels. I had the week off of work and took full advantage of the extra gaming time. 

At first it looked like there would be guild drama. Let me elaborate on this. The Horde Guild “Elimination of Error” exists since a long time. I was in there before I became Alliance and went back to it when I went Horde again. There are a couple of RL friends of my boyfriend in there and I know some people personally as well. A lot of the members of the guild are from the same area in Germany and know each other in RL, too. However, the guild was basically split in two groups, also raiding-wise. In addition, the guildmaster hasn’t been playing in ages and he wouldn’t give up the lead. He would log on every two months or so and thus the automatic handing over of the guild was not happening. This situation is obviously very unfortunate. Our second in command who basically took over the guildlead was not able to clean out the guild or re-organize. Now the other group of people left the guild and they formed their own guild. Which is understandable, in a way, but it also left me rather unnerved. I did not want to go out there and find a new home, having only just left my Alliance guild to be Horde again and play with the boyfriend.

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Add-Ons – your friendly little helpers

 I was thinking about what useful WoW-related post I could write. So I figured I would talk about Add-Ons today.  Or maybe I’ll make it a mini-series. (I’m writing this from the top of my head, far away from my game station at home. J) 

For the longest time I was playing without any little helpers, until my cousin explained to me – with loads of patience – why it is nice to have those little in-game helpers.

I’m stubborn that way – my boyfriend still has to convince me sometimes that this or that add-on would be good for me.  

First of all, if you don’t know it yet, get yourself a downloader that helps you organize and update your add-ons. I recommend Curse Client, it’s a safe choice. There are unfortunately quite some black sheep out there (WoWMatrix, I’m looking at you…), but Curse is a great choice. Its use is quite self-explanatory and intuitive.  I won’t add links to the various add-ons; you may find them all at curse.com or within the Downloader itself.  

One of my first Add-Ons I got and that I still love dearly and don’t want to miss is Sell Junk. Sell Junk installs a button in every vendors window that lets you sell all the grey stuff with just one click. And you would be amazed what kind of gold that may net you. (Especially if you’re like me and are farming and grinding every now and then). 

Titan Panel is a close runner-up to my favourites. It shows you how much gold you own on your various chars, the coordinates you’re at, how much time is approx. left until your next level-up and lots of other useful information, that is highly customizeable to your needs.  

A relatively new find that my boyfriend introduced me to is Reforge Lite. Man, what did I do without it?! I was studying my armour the other day, trying to decide how to reforge best when T. told me about this add-on. It’s simple – you choose your class, your specialization, hit the calculate button and – BAM – it shows you how to reforge best and how much it’ll cost you in total. Just one more click away and you’re all set and reforged nicely. Boy, that one has fastly  become my absolute favourite! 

For the longest time I couldn’t be bothered with any UI add-ons. That was way too complicated and intimidating for me. And what if I buggered up my whole interface and could never, ever play again? Yep, those were my thoughts. Eventually, T. explained – again with neverending patience – how to use Bartender. Bartender lets you place your action bars  wherever you want, in whichever size. You need one big OH-SHIT-FEIGN-DEATH-Button? No problem at all. Bartender takes some fiddling around until you find what suits you best  – but it sure changed my gaming experience to the better.  

Are you a vanity pet and mount collector? Can’t decide which mount or pet to choose? GupPet does it for you. It installs two buttons – one for mounts, one for vanity pets – and chooses one at random for you when you click it. It even lets you customize the choices, for example if there are mounts or pets you don’t like at all, you simply exclude them.  

A fantastic add-on just for the silliness of it is A-Team. Yes, you read that right. You remember the title song? You got an earworm now? Great. J If you have this add-on installed, it will play the title song from The A-Team whenever a Deathknight, be it yourself or someone else in your group or raid calls forth his army of the dead. It cracks me up every time! 

I think I’ll leave it at this for the moment – more to come at a later point!

P.S. I apologize for the text size and style – I’m still struggling a bit with WordPress and can’t find anything to change the style or size of my text! Grrrr… .