Still alive and kickin’!

I didn’t fall off the edge of the world, but I was busy juggling real life and the exciting new world of Pandaria. Time for a little update of my impressions and what I’ve been up to so far. 

Thankfully, I was able to take time off work for the Release of Mists of Pandaria. I was one of those people who was online at Midnight and got in a frenzy to go explore the new World. The Mister and I were up for a 24 hours gaming marathon before we went to bed and caught a couple of hours sleep. 

Eventhough it might sound that way, my intention wasn’t to be the first Hunter to hit Level 90. My thrill was to do every single quest on the way, I fished in pools of fish I didn’t know and dug up archaeology bits and pieces on the way. I just love to discover new areas. And I found the Yaks pretty soon. The Mister and I both had our gold saved up for these and went and bought them immediately. They are simply awesome!!!


Granted, I did hit Level 90 on Wednesday (I started to play Monday/Tuesday Midnight), but then I got to discover the exciting World of Daily Quests and Rep Farming. If you know me, you know I enjoy farming stuff tremendously, no kidding. But this time Blizzard might have overdone it just a little. 😉 

We did our leveling separately. I like to compare the leveling in a new expansion to a pilgrimage. Each has to do it in his or her own speed. While the Mister was a couple of hours ahead of me, we did manage to reach level 90 not too far apart from each other. We do make it a point now, though, to do our daily quests together. It’s so much faster that way. 

Talking ‘bout dailies…. I LOVE the Tillers! I’m best friends with everyone and my farm looks so pretty now! My favourite Shado Pan companion so far is Fei Li. Her “Burn, Baby, Burn!” is priceless!

However, I do get slightly stressed out with all these Daily Quests. I get in a real pinch to complete them all after work, especially if we have a raid. Then it’s almost impossible to do them all. I already leave out the Windsnakes in Jadeforest, because I’m already exalted with them and have my pretty mount. But I’m sure that will tone down eventually as well. 

Pet Battle System! OMG, Blizzard is fully catering to my Collect-them-All mentality. 😀 I only just started to get into it but I can see myself wasting lots of time with it. 

I have only just started to level a second alt. Seely, my Shadow Priestess and Jewelcrafter. But she basically only gets to do her daily Jewel Discovery, since Miss Tanyankâ still has sooooo much to discover and do. 😉 

Oh, something that had me a bit flabbergasted – I’m Horde now and STILL I get to babysit Anduin? You gotta be kidding me… *grins

Talking ‘bout Horde and Alliance – I’ll make sure to come visit my Alliance Guildies soon and play through the other side to see how that’ll turn out. So watch out for me! 

To the other Hunters out there – how do you like the new system for our Rare tameable pets? I LOVE it! At first I didn’t know what to make of these tracks that I kept running into until I looked them up. Then I was lucky enough to find and tame three Rares:

Meet Hexapos, my nifty companion that can make me walk over water:

Then there’s some Qilen overload. Qilens everywhere! (btw, Qilen-Pets can battle rezz… very useful!)

And a matching Turtle to one of the new Turtle Mounts:

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