Mists of Pandaria Marathon – Foods: Tuna Dip with Veggie Sticks

This one is a snack that may be prepared in advance and it doesn’t take long to prepare. It’s a great snack to satisfy those munchies for something crunchy when you’re on a gaming marathon. 🙂

There are very little ingredients needed for the dip itself:

  •  1 can of tuna (I always use the one in saltwater, not the oily one)
  • 1 onion
  • either of these: plain yoghurt, cream cheese, creme fraîche, sour cream
  • spices – dried herbs, freshly ground pepper, some salt, paprika

Drain the tuna, roughly dice the onion and put everything together with your base of choice in a blender. This time, I used a mix of yoghurt and cream cheese. Be careful though, yoghurt makes it more liquid so you only want to add 1-2 tbsp. The taste with yoghurt is lighter, though. Personally, I think Creme Fraîche gives it just the right texture, but it’s also more fattening. But that’s really up to you, whatever is at hand and whatever you like better. 🙂


Mix well, then add the spices to taste. Serve with Veggie Sticks and Saltine Crackers. I used carrots and Kohlrabi (cabbage turnip?!) and usually would use cucumber sticks as well, but I was out of cucumbers. 🙂

Hint: While you may buy pre-cut veggie sticks at the store, you can always cut your veggies ahead and store them in a tupper ware, covered in cold water. That will keep the veggies from drying out and they will taste fresh when you serve them.

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