Battlechickens‘ August challenge: I’m a Collector

seen on the facebook fanpage of Razer

seen on the facebook fanpage of Razer

It was only recently that I came across Battlechickens Blog. I saw her July challenge “Something About You” at Arsenic and Old Mooncloth  my old guildmate Moraith’ Blog. I’ve just written my little “Tale of Anka and Aidan” at the time and decided to leave a note about it. I didn’t properly link to Battlechicken then and still I got quite a few new readers.

*wave* Hi! So nice of you all to drop by!

This time I do it the proper way. Title, links and all.

Battlechickens’ August Challenge: I’m a Collector

Yes, I am a mount and vanity pet collector. But this hasn’t always been the case. When I first started to play WoW, vanity pets and more than one mount was something really silly to me. Why should I waste precious bag space on a vanity pet or more than one mount? I mean, I can only ride one mount at a time… And vanity pets? More waste of precious bag space and besides, they’re costly. Back then, I hadn’t learned about the secrets of the Auction House yet. I remember when I was only a wee hunter and struggling my way through the plaguelands, a friend helped me with a quest in the Ooze Cave between the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. A slimy bag dropped. There was an Oozling inside. My friend Ioreth was all excited: “OMG, you got the Oozling! That is really precious!” “Really? What does it do?” “Well, if you call it, it follows you around and makes you look green. It’s a vanity pet.” “What for?” “Well…. It looks pretty and funny.” “Huh. It takes up bag space. Do you want it?”

I honestly don’t quite remember if she took it or not, but I think I ended up giving it away or maybe even throwing it away. Yes. You read that right.

Eventually the patch hit where your mounts and vanity pets went into your spellbook and the achievements came. As soon as all those mounts and vanity pets cleared out of my inventory, I started to collect them. (No wasted bag space anymore, woohoo!) I was so very proud when I first got my Albino Drake! And then the hunt for the 100 Mounts started. Oh, the farming! The research which mounts were available and feasible for me to get! The joy, when there wasn’t a druid needed anymore to call forth the extra boss in Sethek Halls who could drop the Reigns of the Raven Lord. The utter joy when FINALLY the 100th mount dropped for me (the white chicken from Magisters’ Terrace) and the Dragonhawk was finally mine. The religious weekly visits to old Zul Gurub and the praying to get the Raptor or the Tiger. I got lucky on the Zul Gurub Tiger and my ecstatic cheering and jumping and dancing around the room made the kitties think their food-provider got mad.

For me, the best mounts or pets are the ones with a story behind them. Or an extensive amount of farming, sacrificing gnomes and paladins and praying to Lady RNG. (same goes for achievements, btw).

My bags – at least on my main – are quite organized. Hearthstone, fishing pole, fishing hat, skinner gloves, skinning knife, bandages, flasks and potions all go into the first bag. Buff food goes into the last bag. Everything else is in between, usually there’s some kind of leather in my bags, too. Since I’m a hunter I don’t need to carry around second spec equipment. (no, I do not own pet heal equip…) I keep my bags as empty as possible, because I loot. I loot everything. If something sparkles, I have to loot it. (I’m always the one at the back of every raid or dungeon run, running after everyone else and yelling “Wait up! Wait for me!”, because I actually loot. And skin everything skinnable. Yes, I would say I’m a Ninja-Skinner.) Because there is always the chance for something nifty to drop. And if it’s only grey stuff, that’s fine too. The next merchant is happy to take that off my hands. Every copper counts and never underestimate the worth of grey items. One of my most favourite add-ons that I miss most if I don’t have it is Sell Junk. It lets me sell every grey item in my inventory with just one click. If I can help it, I don’t throw away anything. I sometimes go on an hour-long farming spree and beat up Troggs. The grey items alone grant me a couple hundred gold, just like that.

I organize all the various crafting items on my alts. Green items and enchantment material goes to Mr. Maddor. Miss Seely gets all the gems and currently also all the ore. Mr. Credendo gets all the herbs and so on. Aidan and I basically divided the professions between our alts, therefore his Mr. Nelo, who is a tailor, gets all the cloth and volatiles at the moment. When I have a lot of overstock, it goes to the Auction House.

I used to keep a lot of old stuff for possible skilling purposes. But by now I either used up everything or sold it. I honestly do like to farm and whenever I need something specific, I go farm for it.

I was never a big collector of equipment until  Transmogrification came. Old equipment was something that blocked my bank space and every couple of months I would clean everything out and sell it. With the option of the vault I do keep a couple of items I like. But I’m sure, come MoP, a lot of that will have to go to make space again.

But yeah – I’m a collector of many things by now and I love it. 🙂

3 responses

  1. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I somehow missed your link!

    I’m terrible about things in my bags. I have all sorts of things in there–toys, to be honest. The first bag includes my hearthstone, and then…well, my Flaming Brazier and Simian Sphere and Romantic Picnic Basket and my Bones of Transformation and…

    I also remember when pets took up bag space! It seems like so long ago now, but I’m sure I had my bags full then, too. >.< lol.

    1. No worries at all! I’m sometimes super late in commenting myself. 😉 But hey, I’m always happy for a comment, no matter when it comes.

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