An exciting week in WoW

Last week in WoW was very exciting on various levels. I had the week off of work and took full advantage of the extra gaming time. 

At first it looked like there would be guild drama. Let me elaborate on this. The Horde Guild “Elimination of Error” exists since a long time. I was in there before I became Alliance and went back to it when I went Horde again. There are a couple of RL friends of my boyfriend in there and I know some people personally as well. A lot of the members of the guild are from the same area in Germany and know each other in RL, too. However, the guild was basically split in two groups, also raiding-wise. In addition, the guildmaster hasn’t been playing in ages and he wouldn’t give up the lead. He would log on every two months or so and thus the automatic handing over of the guild was not happening. This situation is obviously very unfortunate. Our second in command who basically took over the guildlead was not able to clean out the guild or re-organize. Now the other group of people left the guild and they formed their own guild. Which is understandable, in a way, but it also left me rather unnerved. I did not want to go out there and find a new home, having only just left my Alliance guild to be Horde again and play with the boyfriend.

But sometimes, what seems to be a drama becomes a chance. Eventhough a lot of our raiding team is offline at the moment, they will be back for MoP. In fact, they are already slowly filing back in, preparing for the new expansion. Our second in command is taking up the situation with the current guildmaster and trying to get the lead and once this happens, starting to re-organize and clean out. Most importantly, one of our key-members, who I like a lot and who is like the heart of the guild and keeps it going, stated that he won’t leave and will stay loyal. Therefore, after my initial panic all is good now. 🙂 

Funnily, this past few days we did a lot of stuff together and went achievement hunting. My cheesemint-log really skyrocketed!

And let me tell you, Ulduar 25 with 10-12 people is still very challenging! We also did Naxxramas 25, Sartharion 3D 25, Trial of the Crusader 25 and went on Zul Gurub Mount-Runs. Oh, and I finally FINALLY got to finish Blackwing Descent and got this last elusive achievement and the title that goes with it. 

We’ll probably repeat those runs in the near future and go for more achievements, also on heroic. It wasn’t a pure guildgroup, but also a lot of random people. Some of which made it straight to my ignore list. But hey, all in all it was still amazing fun. 

I also started to farm for the Black Tabby. Not for me, but for a friend and because I found the perfect farming spot and bombing mobs relaxes me. (The promised Autoloot in MoP will be so great for me!) Since I wanted to know how many Mobs I have to kill for it I was looking for an add-on and came across Rarity. Me likes. A lot. It tracks all sorts of stuff for rare items, mounts and vanity pets. And I find it really interesting to see how many kills go into finally getting this or that vanity pet. (Haven’t gotten the tabby yet, I’m at approx. 1600 kills…) 

In preparation for MoP the boyfriend was looking to go farm some more achievements. But he wasn’t sure which of his characters has what achievement. Fear not, there’s also an add-on for that. It’s called Altoholic and it lets you organize all your alts in an auction house style frame. Once you logged onto each of them you can arrange them in the Altoholic Achievement Window next to each other and compare who has which achievement. This is really practical! It has loads more features but to be honest, I haven’t really looked into those yet.  

Yeah, this was a rather exciting week in WoW. 🙂

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