More plants, flowers and what to cook with them

Remember when I was talking about our little jungle with the mysterious plants a while ago?

Well, they grew and grew and I was even able to identify some more!

Borage – pretty blue flowers!

vibrant nasturtium flower

brilliant cornflower

The Nasturtium is one of the herbs I was able to identify easily since the pretty round leaves are very distinctive. I also knew that the flowers of the nasturtium and the borage can be eaten. So I googled a bit what I can do with it and went to the bedroom flower bed to harvest some herbs.

harvested nasturtium

edible flowers

To make sure I don’t have any unwanted guests I very quickly gave all the leaves a shower with boiling water. This of course made the leaves fall in on themselves like fresh spinach. Since I was going to mix them it didn’t really matter. I also read that washing them in warm salt water has the same effect of getting rid of anything crawley we don’t want to eat. This as a side note when I want them fresh and crisp the next time.

Here’s what I did – I put the leaves and flowers in the food processor, added butter and some salt and processed everything. You get a fantastic salted herb butter that goes very well with grilled meats or on bread.

nasturtium salted butter

I gave Mr. Aidan a little taste test of the herb butter on bread. He looked at it very sceptical and said: “It’s green.” “Yes honey, of course, it’s a fresh herb butter.” He didn’t dare to bite into the bread, he touched the tip of his tongue to the butter first. Only then, when he decided it was edible and I wasn’t going to poison him with that green stuff in butter, he would bite into the bread. And he liked it. 😀

Also, our very first tomato grew! It’s still green, but when it grows up it will be a Pink Grapefruit tomato.

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