Miss Kendra says Hello

Once upon a time there was a Tauren Shaman skilled in the mastery of the elements named Kendra. She was named after a vampire slayer. For the longest time she was hanging around Ogrimmar, not getting any older than 80. She was almost forgotten and was not allowed to go out on new adventures. Poor Kendra.


But then the miracle happened. She was taken out and about to explore the new countries the Cataclysm created. She grew up to be 84 and very soon she shall become 85 and be a full fledged hero. Kendra is also a very lucky Shaman. The other day she was conquering the Stonecore and she found and won the Reigns of the Vitreous Stonedragon! 

So yeah, I dusted off Miss Kendra and I’m having a blast with her! I forgot playing shaman is so much fun! I leveled a couple of clothies and leatherwearers from 80 to 85 lately and it was painful. With Kendra, though, I’m breezing through and it’s so much fun. Besides, I think Tauren ladies are really cute and cuddly. They are like the Pre-MoP Pandas. 😀 

My playing Kendra triggered Mr. Aidan in wanting to play shaman again, too. So we transferred and faction changed his Dwarf Shaman Vaiden who is now a Goblin Shaman named Rory. (yes, named after Rory Williams-Pond in Doctor Who). 

Even if I ‘m playing a lot of alts now Pre-MoP, it’s never a question to me with whom to explore Pandaria first. It’s gonna be my huntress Tanyanka. For Aidan, though, it’s really hard to pick. I think he can’t really pick a Main character. Until Sunday it was his rogue Desmond who got all the love, since yesterday it’s the Shaman Rory. He really needs the change and can’t set his heart on just one. Hmmm… that really reminds me of someone from my old alliance guild with severe altitis… (Hi Sherise!) 🙂 

In that respect, I’m really happy for the account wide achievements to be implemented. It makes it that much easier to switch back and forth to the hearts content and not worrying about who gets this or that achievement, since it’s gonna be shared anyways. Me likes. Well done Blizzard.

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  1. *gigglesnort* I can`t understand what you mean. I have no alts! All mains, I tell ya! All mains! But yeah, I totally get Aidans struggle. I will probably have to write all my character names on tiny pieces of paper, throw them in a hat and pick one at random. How do you choose just one? I love them all! I need to learn how to multibox…


    Also, a side note; Your fish`n`veggies in tin foil is my new favourite dish. I have it atleast twice a week! Delicious!

    1. Haha, that’s exactly what I suggested to him! Write the names on a paper and pull it out of a hat! At least he has now decided on only four characters to choose from.
      For me to choose just one was easy up until MoP: Tanyanka got all the love and achievements, she was my first character ever and the only one I really know how to play. 😀
      I’m very happy you liked the recipe so much! It works with chicken, too, if you fell like trying that some time.

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