Sightseeing Azeroth – Tauren and Bunnies and Squirrels

Some of the most interesting things may be found when you fly around the edges of the various countries in Azeroth, especially on the plateaus dividing them. Between Stonetalon Mountains and the Barrens, I came across this lonely hut, clearly of Tauren origin:

When I went nearer to see if someone was home, I discovered that there was this giant… well. Let’s call it giant peace pipe and it was still smoking:

Also, note the bags full of herbs inside the hut, that appear to be ready for smoking. I was intruiged. Clearly, someone was on a spiritual retreat there!

Seeing that there was a graveside by the side of the hut, I would assume that this is a place to help you communicate with your ancestors. I call it the Holy Smoke Hut now.

Near Thunderbluff in Mulgore I found a high plateau with lots and lots of critters. Awwww, I thought, how cute! Bunnies and squirrels, all together!

There were also these intruiging paintings on stone:

What’s the deal with that, I thought! Just then, a bunny next to me killed a squirrel!

Indeed this Plateau seems to curse its critters and arms them! I give you Warrior Bunny and Warrior Squirrel:

There are a couple of mice as well – but I wasn’t able to catch them in action. But I suspect they fire off rocket launchers…

I hope you enjoyed todays sightseeing – until next time, I’ll see you in Azeroth!

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