What I´ve been up to lately in WoW

Aside from the 20 Days of Wow, here’s what else I’ve been up to lately. 

I’ve transferred my Human Shadowpriest Amber over to Horde. She is now a Bloodelf named Seely. Wonder where I got that name for her? When we’ve watched the TV-show “Bones” the other night we were talking about that Seely Booth was quite a cool name. There you go – she’s named after a male FBI agent on a TV-show…

Seely was a Herbalist / Alchemist but I dissed Herbalism and made her a Jewelcrafter instead. (I’ve heard rumours about nifty new Jewelcrafter Mounts in MOP… ) Besides, I like leveling professions. I really do! So I’ve got her up to 515 or something like that and am now religiously doing the Jewelcrafter Dailies with her to assemble as many Patterns as possible. 

Then there’s my Rogue Blackmorgana, who sat at level 80 for like forever. I finally decided that in the course of bringing her Engineering up to full skill, I can as well get her to 85. Which I did. Poor girl is mostly used to farm ore these days, but she did get to stab some baddies just for fun.

When I was done with the Rogue, I looked at my Druid Credendo. Poor guy was sitting at 80 as well, still wearing stuff from Naxxramas. He was once a healer, but since that was way too stressful he’s a Moonkin now. We made it to 83 last weekend! Boy, I didn’t know Moonkin was that much fun! I doubt that I’m playing it “right” but I’m having a blast with him! He’s my designated flower picker. Can’t beat picking flowers with a druid!

Tanyanka is currently more of a AH mule. Poor girl. She only gets to hit stuff if there’s a raid or achievement hunting going on. Which we barely have these days. Everyone is too obsessed with Diablo for the time being, it seems. Doesn’t matter, really, that way I have more time preparing for MoP. 

I’ve finished Loremaster with the BF’s Arbor. His first Loremaster ever! And when we brought over Amber/Seely, we brought along his Warrior Asasino. Which he is now very obsessed with. *sigh* Poor Arbor, back on the bench… Thank goodness for accountwide achievements to come with MoP! I imagine this will be a blessing to many people that can’t decide which character to pick and change their Main every couple of months. 😀 

Today I’ve also found my next project – I don’t have a Tailor on this server, but the BF has his mage Nelo. Poor guy is not quite fully skilled yet, but I really want a couple of new bags. Therefore, here we go – I will bring his tailoring up to max. *nods

And now that Asasino is back, we have a Blacksmith, too. Who is lacking a couple of Patterns. Project on the side, farm enough Ore to buy him all the patterns. 

No, I’m really not getting bored. There’s still plenty to do and prepare!

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