20 Days of WoW – Day 14: This upsets you

Well – there’s a T-shirt out there. It says: “I survived Barrens Chat”. Nowadays, it should probably say: “I survived Trade Chat.”

What upsets me is rudeness and trolling in chat. I’m very fast with the ignore button. I detest wannabe-elitists with a passion. We have one of those in the guild. Very often when said person is making exceptionally stupid remarks in guild chat and I start to fume and there’s steam coming out of my ears, it’s only Arbors’ quiet voice saying “Honey, don’t. He’s not worth it.” preventing me from starting a discussion with that person. Don’t feed the troll. He’s the only guildie that made it to my ignore-list…

Non-WoW related, I get upset easily by books, TV-shows and movies. As in – I start bawling very fast. If there’s anything remotely heartbreaking, I need the Kleenex box.

(and pssst… even some WoW-Quests manage to make me cry sometimes…)

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