20 Days of WoW – Day 13: People (players/bloggers) that you admire

I know I’m a cheesy lovebird – but I admire my boyfriend as a player a great deal. No matter what class he chooses, he manages to play it extremely well. He knows everything about talents and rotations and which specc to use in what situation. Up until recently his Main of Choice was Arbor, a tanky druid. He has equip for heal, kitty and moonkin as well. And he pulls every single specc off like a pro. Except maybe moonkin, because he’s not too fond of the Owlform. 😉 Now that we transferred his warrior Asasino back to Horde, he’s totally into warrior again. When he puts his heart and mind on a character, it’s that one and no one else. His whole focus is on that specific char then. For about half a year, until he chooses his next favourite. ;-)))

Then there’s one of my current guildmates by the name of Powerofdoom. He lives quite close to where I used to live in Germany, so we actually met in person a few times. He is just as crazy as I am when it comes to achievement hunting and farming mounts and pets and he’s a walking WoWpedia. Just as Arbor, he manages to play every class he chooses extremely well. But he never gets snappy or arrogant about it. He is always friendly and polite and a bit on the shy side. But tell him to go achievement hunting in an old raid and he’s on fire. 🙂

Back from the days when I was raiding extensively, there’s Haerry. Also a current guildmate. He’s my fellow Hunter buddy. We were never adversaries and always discussed everything hunter together and plotted the best equipment, specc and rotation together. And while I’m a pet-snob (I love my Sambas. I love every kitty. I don’t want to play with anything else than kitties. Well… maybe my fire turtle in an exceptional case…), he would have all the relevant pets with him and let me have my kittycats. 🙂

Alquiel and Coltoon – because at a time where I almost lost the pleasure of WoW, you guys gave it back to me. Your Enthusiasm awakened mine again. Because of you, I got to know the other side. You allowed me to go sightseeing with you in Azeroth and babble your ears full of anecdotes and stories.

Theanorak – for being an amazing leader and keeping it all together.

Remaglar and Dillbert – because they both were great raidleaders.

There are many more people in the gaming world that I admire. But this shall suffice for now.

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