20 Days of WoW – Day 12: A usual day in your life/online time

The majority of my gaming time takes place during the weekends. But a little bit takes also place during the week.

I get up at 6am – I belong to the people that need time to properly wake up, drink coffee, read the news, get prepared for the day at work… I can’t just jump out of bed, get dressed and leave for work. Part of my morning ritual after reading the news and drinking coffee and eating breakfast is to log on to WoW and check not only my auctions, but also those of my boyfriend. (remember, I’m his WoW Banker and in charge of the Finances). I then do the cooking and fishing dailies for his Arbor and the Jewelcrafting Dailies for his Edoras and my Seely.

This sounds like a lot; but in fact it doesn’t take that long, it simply became part of my routine. I then leave for work and spend all day long at the office. I’m normally back home – depending on how much there is to do – around 5 or 6 pm.

Then it’s time for some chatting, looking through the mail, taking care of the kitties, cooking… you know, the usual stuff one does when coming back home.

When I’m not too tired, I might log on for some more gaming; but most of the time we just watch some TV. We have a couple of shows we adore and love to watch together. (Warehouse 13, Doctor Who… ) And then it’s time for bed. 🙂 

On the weekends it’s a different story. Both of us have trouble sleeping in, so we usually get up fairly early. (by that I mean 6am. 7am would already be sleeping in…) If we don’t have specific plans or errands to run, it’s not unusual for us to spend all day gaming. We spend our time achievement hunting, running old raids and dungeons, running current content, farming, levelling alts, hunting for mogging equip…

It’s a bit slow at the moment because many people from our guild are feeling the end of expansion blues or are too wrapped up with Diablo.

I use that time to get my alts up to 85 and their professions fully skilled as well. Getting a nice stock of gold, so I won’t have to bother with that in the early days of MoP and can focus on questing and achievement hunting. 

… but then there’s also a Wii in the living room and Zelda is beckoning to me…

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