20 Days of WoW – Day 11: Bad habits and flaws

As some of the readers of this Blog may know, one of my biggest flaws is jealousy. Mind you, it’s not as if I’m permanently jealous of everyone and everything. I tend to get jealous over things that are important to me. I’m highly competitive and I get frustrated if I don’t keep those high standards I set for myself.

I’m sometimes a bit moody and my gem of a boyfriend is unasked providing hot tea, chocolate or other comfort foods in such situations. 🙂

I tend to put all my paperwork on a big pile to the left and right of my desk. Every couple of months I get annoyed with the piles and sort through everything and put it in a binder. I then promise to myself over and over again to put away everything immediately as it comes in and fail to do so. I’m a very chaotic yet organized person. 😀

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