20 Days of WoW – Day 10: Blog/Website favourites

I must admit that I’m not a regular Blog Reader. I tend to forget to go check them. I refuse to buy myself a so-called Smartphone and read online stuff on-the-go. I’m old-fashioned that way.  I’ve subscribed to a couple Blogs so I’ll get the posts to my Inbox and read them in my Emailbox. Mostly they are from friends from my old guild, so I keep up-to-date what’s going on with them. You can see a couple on the BlogRoll to the right. 

My favourite Food Blog at the moment is The Scrumptious Pumpkin. I loooooove her cooking ideas and she gives me loads of inspiration. 

WoW-wise I frequent the usual suspects. Buffed.de is something like a German version of WoWhead. I like going there to look stuff up. Warcraft Hunters Union when I want to know something Hunter-related. 

Pinterest is a rather new favourite of mine. I go there for all sorts of inspiration: cooking, gardening, art… or simply to look at funny or silly pictures for a good laugh. It´s a fantastic time waster. 🙂

Fossil to decide on what next to blow my salary on. 😀 Migros to plan my grocery shopping. 20 Minuten to read the news. 

So yeah, my favourites are quite diverse and they change continously.

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