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I’ve been quiet for a while now – which has to do with my new job. I’m in total learning mode and thus don’t have a lot of time and drive to blog. But I’m doing fine! The job is awesome, I already love it! 

I’ve been playing WoW mostly on the weekends and I’ve also been playing a lot with my boyfriends druid, farming quest achievements for him and making gold. See – he was always broke. Always. One day he asked me to look over all his characters inventories and sell whatever I see fit to put up in the Auction House. (I became his WoW-Banker… *grin*) We designated one character to be bank and AH alt and off I went on my quest to tidy his bank slots and turn stuff into gold. 

From that action alone – mostly selling crafting materials that were gathering dust in his banks – we made 15k within one week. Some people probably think that’s nothing, but I was quite pleased with the result. I’m not a “serious” AH goblin. I don’t study the economy in earnest, I don’t craft glyphs and enchants to sell. I don’t buy and re-sell. I honestly can’t be bothered with that, it’s too complex for me. I’m totally happy to just have enough gold on my – and also my boyfriends’ chars – to be able to “make a living” so to say. And to be able to buy mounts and pets. Basically, all this gold-making is in preparation to MoP. Having a stock of gold allows us to buy the essential starting stuff. Like the next level of flying. 😉 

Theanorak mentioned in a comment to one of my previous posts that buying stuff cheap on one server before a transfer allows me to make a pretty penny when selling them more expensive on the other server. True – but I’m too lazy for that. 😉 I’d have to study the economy of both servers and then decide what to bring with me. 

I love to farm. I’m weird that way, but I think it’s relaxing. J I also love to just go questing. Weirdly, it’s much more fun to do it on my boyfriends char at the moment. Tanyanka has almost everything. Doing it with my other alts is boring. Doing it with my boyfriends char gives me a sense of…. Purpose. Does that make sense? He’s busy on the Beta Servers anyways or playing X-Box and I take care of his achievement points and WoW finances. 🙂 

Talking about Beta – Yeah, due to my yearly pass I’m eligible for Beta testing as well. But at the moment I really don’t want to. While I love to read about it and look at pictures of the new and beautiful areas I don’t want to spoil the experience of the new and exciting add-on for me. Of course I’m curious – but I’d rather wait running around MoP until the game is officially finished and has started. The occasional glance over my boyfriends shoulder gives me enough impressions for now. 🙂 

I haven’t forgotten about the 20 days of WoW, either. My head is just too full of SAP-related stuff from work to deal with the 20 days of WoW. 😉 Also, by the end of next week we’re invited to a wedding (my future sister-in-law is getting married). I’m so excited! Also, quite some organization to go with, since the wedding is in Germany and we have to travel there first. Still – it’ll be great to see T.’s family again! 

On the cooking front, we’re taking it easy. Since there’s lots of awesome asparagus on the markets, we take advantage of that and eat lots of it. Together with new potatoes, grilled in the oven. Fast, easy, healthy and yummy. Hmmm… let’s see… we’re having it tonight, so maybe I’ll take pictures. 🙂 

Yesterday, we tried another of Jamies recipes. Chicken Satay with homemade peanut sauce and spicy noodle salad. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’ll make sure to document it next time we cook it. 

Take care everyone!

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  1. I’m a bit stuck for time at the moment — I probably won’t be playing until mid-May — but when I *do* have time, I probably still won’t bother with the MoP beta either. There’ll be plenty of time to learn how things work and experience the new content when it’s live.

    1. Sorry for the late answer. Yeah, I totally agree. I do like to have a sneak peak every now and then, but I do want to take my time exploring when MoP is here for good. 🙂

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