20 Days of WoW – Day 08: 10 things we don’t know about you

This week I’m theoretically on vacation, before I start my new job on April 2nd. But isn’t it awesome – I’m sick. I got the worst flu ever. I didn’t even feel like playing, let alone blogging. I had many plans for this week – but all have been postponed now because I was feeling so crappy. Anyways. Let’s proceed with the 20 Days of WoW.

  1. I live in Switzerland. (ok, you probably already knew that…). There are four official languages in our country – German, French, Italian and Rumantsch. Ha, you were guessing English, right? 😉 Rumantsch is a very old language that is basically only spoken in the canton Graubünden. There are many different dialects of it. It sounds very beautiful, like a mix of Italian and French, and the “R”s are rolled deeply in your throat. Unfortunately, I don’t speak it. I remember only one word: Marente. It means taking a break during a hike and having a little picnic.
  2. I speak three languages – German (Swissgerman is only the spoken dialect, so doesn’t really count as a language), English and French. Though I lost a lot of my speaking French due to lack of use. I understand quite a lot, though. Random fact: Having four languages in our country, we learn a second foreign language (French, if you live in the German part) at a very young age in school.
  3. Late last year I was levelling a hunter on Horde side from 0-85 for the sole purpose to make gold and buy my boyfriend a Vial of the Sands and a Chopper for Christmas. I managed.
  4. I detest brussel sprouts and green peas.
  5. I was once on a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona for one week.
  6. Eventhough my Mom is a chef, I didn’t learn to cook myself until I moved out from home. Having watched her cook all these years, though, helped a lot.
  7. I used to write real bad erotic stories as a Teen / Twen.
  8. I’m horribly afraid of snakes but do not mind spiders at all.
  9. I love watching cartoons when I’m sick or the Sunday morning cartoons.
  10. I know how to drive but I do not own a car anymore.

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