20 Days of WoW – Day 05: Favourite item(s) in game

I’m a Mount and Vanity Pet Collector. So all of the special ones or the ones that were especially hard to get are dear to me, like the Swift Zulani Tiger. Oh, I’ve faithfully ran Zul’Gurub pre-Cataclysm change every week in the hopes to receive the tiger or the raptor. Since the tiger is not attainable anymore these days I’m pretty darn proud to have gotten it. Or the Dragonhawk you get for 100 Mounts. I’ve worked on a Mountain o’Mounts during Wrath and a couple of Mounts were forever unreachable for me. For the longest time I was sitting on two or three mounts short of the achievement. I remember the 100th Mount. It was the White Chicken from Magisters Terrace. 

My next favourite item would be Thunderfury. Unfortunately, I only get to wear it for style reasons and come MOP, I won’t be able to wear it at all. But Thunderfury is my first and only Legendary Item and it took me forever and a day to aquire it. For over a year I would go into Molten Core almost every week and try to get a hold of the second binding from Baron Geddon. But he simply wouldn’t hand it over to me! Imagine the joy and utter excitement in the house when it finally did drop! I scared the cats real hard with all my cheering.  

Does a title count as a favourite item, too? Then it would be my Insane-title. When achievements were first introduced (when was that… pre-Wrath?) I’ve found out about this hidden achievement. And I started to work on it. Let me tell you that I know every single Ogre in Dire Maul by name and know every dark secret of trolls, orcs and ogres alike in Lower Blackrock from pickpocketing them repeatedly. I’ve killed Rivendare countless times when I was running through Stratholme and he never dropped his mount for me. I’ve picked hundreds of herbs and ground them into fine powder to craft an endless supply of Darkmoon Cards to hand them in for reputation with Mr. Silas Darkmoon.  

Come to think of it – my favourite items are usually connected to a fond memory. And lots of grinding. 😀

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