I am Troll, hear me roar

So – after some careful thinking and consideration, I decided to change server and factions again. There were several reasons for that, one of the most important ones being that I wanted to spend more quality time online with my boyfriend. The second important one being, that I was having language issues during raids. I had a real hard time understanding instructions, tactics, even jokes during raids. I was fine in small groups, but was having increasingly more issues in full raids. Yes, the woes of not having English as a first language. Besides – I was yearning for the War Drums of the Horde. 😉

(my boyfriend mentioned that another reason would be that Horde Merchandising looks way better than Alliance Merchandising. *grin*)

So I faction changed back to Horde onto my old server Kil’Jaeden, where I will also join my old guild again.

Tanyanka had to be slightly re-named to Tanyankâ and is now a Troll Huntress (again…) with big feet and pink hair matching her outfit. The hair might change again. 🙂 For now I like the chop-sticks-pre-MOP hairdo.

This is the new-old Anka:

The outfit needs some work – I’ll think about that.

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