20 Days of WoW – Day 3: Your first day playing WoW

There’s a bit of a story involved here, so let me elaborate a bit.

Back in 2006 I was one day having lunch with a co-worker. I was very much into PS2 Games at the time, my favourite being Kingdom Hearts. Anyways, my co-worker told me about this fantastic online game her boyfriend had shown her, it was called World of Warcraft. You could create Elfs and choose to play a druid or a warrior or anything else to your hearts’ content. Oh, and you could download it from the website and test it before you bought it!

I was intruiged. So once I got home, I visited the website. And started the download of the game. Yes, it took all night long for it to download… The next day after work I rushed home to see if I could finally install the game and I could! I’ve downloaded the US-Version of the game, because I didn’t know there were differences and that Europe had their own servers. I chose to play on an “Oceanic” server, because it sounded so pretty and created a Nelf Warrior. I forgot what I’ve named her – but it was something suitably elvish. 

The toon was created and I was anxious to enter and discover the world. But what was that? No picture? Only shadows? There was sound, beautiful music, but no real picture. What rubbish – there I created this really cool character and I can’t see it!, I thought – until someone (I sadly don’t remember anymore who!) hinted, that maybe my computer wasn’t up-to-date with its graphic card. So, the next Saturday, I took my computer, drove to the next computer store, put it on the counter and told the guys that I wanted to play WoW and it didn’t run on my computer. What could they do about it? They had a hard time not laughing in my face. I mean, if I think back – there was this chick with her complete docket station under the arm, declaring she wanted to play World of Warcraft and needed an upgrade to do so! – I would’ve laughed at me, too! 😉 

They installed more RAM and a new Graphics Card. Happily I took my computer back home and hooked it up. I logged into the game and….. 

There was colour! And shapes! And textures! There was so much to see! 

Coming from console gaming I was used to hit stuff with my sword until it was dead. That’s why I chose a warrior. Big Sword goooooood. Little did I know about etiquette or how to play back then, let alone what a tank was. I happily wandered around Teldrassil and eventually learned how to pick flowers and brew potions. When I first set foot into Darnassus I was awed. So big! I even discovered the auction house, but thought it was stupid. Who would spend so much gold for a couple of herbs? Little did I know that I would become some kind of AH Goblin myself in the future… 

When I told my cousin very proudly that I was playing WoW, he asked me very interested on which server I was playing, because he was playing, too! My answer back then: “Well, I’m currently on Teldrassil in Kalimdor. “ Very carefully and patiently he began to explain some basics. And then he convinced me that I should go out and buy the European Version and come play on his server on Horde side, which was in German and called Kil’Jaeden. (Back then I thought that name was a Hoot – I pronounced it wrong and roughly translated it meant “Kill everyone”) Thank goodness I listened to him. 

So, there was a second first day in WoW when I created my huntress and a love story began. Why I chose to create a hunter? I’ve seen them before when I was running around Teldrassil and thought it was so cool to have a companion. And those kitties were so pretty! It was very clear to me that I wanted a tiger. Tigers are cool.

So there I was, little pink-haired Troll Huntress, just about to discover more of the World of Warcraft. I’ve just finished a couple of the first quests, when an Alliance player was riding through the Troll/Orc starting area. I think it was a warlock, I remember a huge black and flamey horse. I felt I needed to defend my home, after all this was Troll territory, what was he doing there! So I ran up to him and hit him. With my stick. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to kill me, but I was persistent and kept hitting him. Until he hit back and I met the Ghosthealer…. 

Fun times! 😀

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