20 Days of WoW – Day 2: Why you decided to start a blog

Day two in the 20 Days of WoW Blogging. Why I decided to start a Blog. Well – a really, really stupid reason, really.



I’ve been working in a Tempjob since the beginning of January. And we’ve been bored out of our minds here. So when my colluege started to play games on her iPhone, I was looking for something for myself to kill time. All the interesting sites about WoW where I could’ve done some research and reading were blocked. Even our guilds homepage is blocked. But oh wonder – WordPress was still free! So I snooped around and decided to start a blog here. I used to have a more personal Blog at Livejournal – but things there have died down. Thus I decided to start something new.  

As mentioned before, I’ll start a new job next month. By then I’ll probably won’t have the time to write Blog entries during working hours. J Which is a good thing.  

There’s nothing worse than counting the minutes and not being able to actually – well – work! And just sitting around like stupid.  

Blogging is nice that way. I type something in an email or a Word document and look incredibly busy. *grin* 

… and that’s the groundbreaking reason for me to have started this Blog.

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