A small update

After my melt down yesterday I’m a lot calmer today. Also thanks to some very good conversations. I had time to think and reflect.

Of course I don’t want the other person to stop playing and stop farming achievements. She has every right to do so and to play as she pleases.

I think I located the reason why I was so upset. She could have asked me to trudge along. She knows exactly how much I love achievements. She could have written a short private message on the forums for example and asked me to come along for the ride. If she’d have more points than me then, I think it wouldn’t have bothered me.

I tried to organize regular achievement runs a while ago and it didn’t work out. I created a poll for which day suited people best, I created sign-ups… it worked for a week or two and then people wouldn’t show or not sign up etc. It didn’t work out.

It’s frustrating the hell out of me – I’m one measly achievement short of my Ulduar dragon. I’m only two achievements short of the ICC one. I’m missing just Nefarian for Blackwing Descent. I’m missing only the Conclave of the four winds for the Vortex raid (the name escapes me just now…). You see where I’m going.

What I do not want is cause guild drama. I’m always one who wants to prevent it and mediate if need be – but right now I feel like I’m a potential reason for drama and this shall not happen.

I’m not yet calm enough to confront or face her. I need an additional day or two to gather myself. But at least I’m not going to eat anyones face off or spit venom anymore. 😉

Something interesting Seph said: The game is designed to bring out the worst in people. I’ve never looked at it that way. I guess up until now I tended to see it through my pink glasses, maybe I only wanted to see the good. After all, it’s an escape in a way, isn’t it? Yes, I’m naive. Where there’s light, there is shadow as well.

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