20 Days of WoW – Day 1: Introduce yourself

Let’s start with something pleasant, let’s do the 20 Days of WoW! 

Day 01 – Introduce yourself 

Well. Actually, I only just started this blog and you already read an introduction not so long ago. Nevermind. Here we go again.  

My WoW alter-ego is Tanyanka, a Troll-turned-Nightelf-Huntress on Darkmoon Faire, EU. As you can see, my real first name ain’t that hard to guess. I’m a Buffy Fangirl. Let me show you a picture I’ve found on Pinterest the other day, which explains it nicely: 

 If you are familiar with the series, you might remember a certain vengeance demon called Anyanka, who went by the name of Anya when in human form. So, this is how I came up with my Hunter’s name: Tanya + Anyanka = Tanyanka.  

However, when I joined my current guild, this was a bit too long. Thus I became Anka. The name stuck. (I later found out that Anka means “duck” in Swedish and that there are bedspread designs and curtains with designs called Anka.)  

I’ve been playing WoW since late 2006, just before the launch of Burning Crusade. I came a long way since then. The pink-haired troll huntress that tried to pull a bad guy into her trap using serpent sting (yes, I played at a time where there was no trap launcher!) is no more. She grew up, learning the ropes of raiding in Karazhan, joining a so-called Hard Core Guild and running through the old Mount Hyjal and The Black Temple when it was endcontent. She found that Hardcore was not for her and eventually left, finding a new home in another guild. There she encountered a newly awakened Naxramas, fought the Titans in Ulduar, huge dragons and entered the Icy Dephths of the Ice Crown Citadell. And still, she hadn’t found home.

One day, she entered a gnomish teleporter device – and wadda ya know – came out as a Nightelf Huntress on the other side. She found a new home with a great guild. Still, there are two hearts beating in her heart (no, she’s not a Timelord…) and she will always adore Vol’Jin and Lady Sylvanas, eventhough she now serves Tyrande Whisperwind.  

In real life, I’m a 30-something woman, living in Switzerland with my boyfriend and our two kitties Spike and Luna. I’ve spent quite some time in the US, especially in Southern California. I’ve lived the last 3,5 years abroad in Germany and only recently moved back to my Homecountry, taking my boyfriend with me. Oh, have I mentioned that we met through WoW? Yes, we’re one of those couples… 🙂

I enjoy reading so-called urban fantasy featuring vampires, werewolves and other creepy-crawleys. And no, this does NOT include the sparkly kind. I love watching TV-series, nowadays my favourites are Doctor Who, NCIS, Haven and Eureka. I also like to cook and I once used to be a soapmaker. One of these days I will take this up again.  

And this was part one of the blogging challenge! Yay!


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