Contemplations about food and cooking

My love for cooking evolved over time. My Mom is a chef and I always watched her when she cooked when I was little. She would get too impatient with me, though, when I attempted to cook myself; so for the longest time I was happy enough with assisting and watching.

Eventually, when I started to live by myself, I started to bake and cook and experiment. I was never skinny, so a couple of years back food was always somehow related to diets and losing weight. Even back then I always tried to make the best out of the various diet dishes.

Nowadays, I look at food in a way more relaxed way. I love good food and I love it even more to share or cook it with someone I love. I like watching cooking shows and get some inspiration from there – Rachael Ray got me hooked (I will forever call Olive Oil EVOO..) and inspired when I was in States. Nowadays I love Jamie Oliver. I adore the way he cooks and improvises. I myself improvise loads in the kitchen. Often I would look into my fridge, the pantry, the freezer and improvise something. I seldom follow recipes to the letter, I rather use them as guidelines and inspiration.

I got Jamie’s Cookbook 30 Minute Meals a week or so ago, because when watching the show I absolutely loved the ideas in it. For me, it was crystal clear that I won’t be able to prepare that stuff in 30 Minutes. I have neither the space, equipment or practice to manage that. But who cares! The whole point is not to serve something within that time, but to pick out new ideas and adapt them to our needs. (Made a fantastic Spinach-Feta-Tarte yesterday – freely adapted from Jamies’ recipe.)

In some of the reviews about the book the people complained that it’s impossible to prepare the described meals in that time and that they needed to buy all sorts of equipment. However, in my opinion they haven’t understood the purpose of cooking.

Preparing food is not only to feed the body. It’s so much more.

Joy, Pleasure, Art, Fun, Creativity.

It’s messy and wild and punk.

 It’s Love.

In Switzerland, the cost for certain foods is very high. For example meat and fish. In our little family, we eat meat very consciously and not every day. If we decide to prepare a dish with meat, we choose very carefully. This is one of the reasons I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas to keep our foods interesting.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t always feel like cooking every night. Sometimes I’ll just have a sandwich. But I think the trick is to find a healthy balance for everything.

And I intend to share my ideas and favourites with whoever fancies to read my musings.

2 responses

  1. My mum used to be a great cook, but before she started to teach me she got MS and cooking meals from scratch became too much for her, so I never really learned. Which I regret but now I don’t even know where to start!

  2. That is indeed a pity. However, it’s never too late to start! I think the most important thing is that you’re not scared to try and just plunge right into it. Like healing Deathwings spine. ;-)))
    You don’t have to cook up a huge meal in the beginning. Why not start with something easy like a sauce for pasta? Maybe watching some cooking shows or browsing through cookbooks helps? I can also recommend this blog here: Jen posts loads of pictures with step-by-step instructions for every meal she introduces.

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