Toxic Wasteling – Woohoo!

I got lucky on Valentines Day – when I went to do my daily run for the Heartshaped Box (and I never ever give up on the Love Rocket! I mean – c’mon, it’s naughty and therefore totally awesome!) I got the Toxic Wasteling! Yay! I’m a very happy Tanyanka with yet another vanity pet for my collection.

Also, pics or it didn’t happen (although I don’t see a huge difference to the Disgusting Oozling…)

Tanyanka with the newest addition to the vanity pet collection.

8 responses

  1. Wonderful news! Really pleased for you.

    1. Thanks Seph! I hope yours came around, too, by now!

      1. Thanks Anka, but I actually got this one when you could farm and farm rather than only being able to try your luck once a day, so this time round I didn’t have to be upset by the RNG. That said, I did still win 2 more of them and am keeping them (at least until I run out of bag room) in the hope that Blizz makes then BOE and I can give them to friends who were not so lucky (or sell them for profit).

      2. Oh, that’s good. I’m glad you already have it. And yes, not sure about the making tradeable and what Blizz’s plan is… It would be about time to be able to trade those pets!

  2. Congratulations! I haven’t seen anything except some blue gear nobody wants. I refuse to give up though, although I’m losing hope. :/

    1. Thanks! And yes, never ever give up. 🙂 One day it will also be in your Box. I’m hoping the same about the rocket. (actually, I’m hoping for the rocket since the this event was introduced first… *grin*)

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