All the cool kids have a WordPress Blog…

Well, hello there Blogging world! Here I am, yet another World of Warcraft girl gamer deciding she needs to have her space on the internet to babble about stuff. So let me introduce myself to you – Hi, I’m Tanyanka, also know as Anka, the Huntress. I got the name Anka thanks to my guildmates. Everyone has a nickname and so they decided mine was Anka. I liked it and here I am, Anka.

I began playing WoW at the end of 2006, shortly before the launch of The Burning Crusade. At first I didn’t have a clue about anything and was simply hopping around Azeroth happily and picking flowers. My favourite memory is when I was questing for the first time in Darkshore. I had a quest where I had to dive in the sea – and it just wouldn’t work! I was so desperate I opened a ticket asking a GM for help. Who then patiently helped me and explained how to dive. Note – I downloaded the whole game from the website and created a Nightelf Warrior on an Oceanic server. I didn’t have a clue at the time what that meant and thought it sounded pretty…

Eventually my cousin, who was playing an Orc Warrior took me by the hand and led me through Azeroth. So I actually bought the game and created a Troll Huntress with pink hair named Tanyanka. I was only level two and in the starting area, when some Alliance player was riding through it. I was on a PVP server at the time and again – had no clue. All I saw was a player with a red bar and he was so not supposed to be there! So I hit him. With my staff. And was introduced to the Ghosthealer… But hey, what did the alliance dude think he was doing there, riding through troll territory! I had to defend it, right?

Eventually, my cousin and his friends taught me with lots and lots of patience how to play a hunter. They introduced me to guides on the web and where I could look up stuff. They also ran dungeons with me and explained what raiding was. What can I say – they were really great in teaching an enthusiastic newbie with no clue at all. Well – I brought it to level 70 before someone explained to me that I can’t pull a mob into a trap with serpent sting… because, well, you know – serpent sting is a dot and gets the bad guy out again…

My first attempts at raiding were in Karazhan. And it was amazing. I came a long way since then – learned a lot, met many awesome people, made friends and lost them again but WoW was always a great experience for me. Hey, I even met the love of my life through it!

Eventually my Tanyanka went through a race change and is now a Nightelf Huntress. But she still got some Troll Blood in her and is a Vol’Jin fangirl deep in her heart… I found a faboulous home at the guild Enthusiasm on Darkmoon Faire – EU. Unfortunately, raiding is on a backburner for me at the moment due to RL. But hey, I can still write about my favourite hobby and my thoughts about it and tell you about my memories.

Also, since I love to cook and bake, I will post about that, too. Most of my recipes are fit to be eaten while raiding. Or are prepared quickly while still being tasty and healthy.

Tanyanka posing in Stormwind, something she seldom does.

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